Monday, January 25, 2010

Daydreaming About Garfooseberry Bashers Who Are Also Outfielders

So, I haven't posted anything new in a little while...I've sat down a few times intent on writing something, but ultimately I've had nothing to say. It's been too long, so now I'll mumble for a bit about whatever comes to mind.

I hope AA isn't done dealing yet. I'm quietly optimistic about the roster we have right now, but I feel that, in the spirit of progress, we're still missing at least one significant piece. As JW pointed out earlier, that's probably in the outfield.

Here's a list of available outfielders who I think could help the Jays, complete with details of my thoughts:

Johnny Damon
Yes, his arm strength sucks. I don't care, though. The guy's a machine at the plate. He's got some pop, he can still hit for a solid average, and most importantly it feels like he's always on base.

The stats are a secondary reason for me, though. Damon's been in seven of the past nine post-seasons. The dude's simply used to winning, which is something that can't be said of the rest of the roster. The attitude that he could bring and, hopefully, impose on the team's next generation of leaders, guys like Hill and Lind, is invaluable. Let's face it, the next generation need another mentor, Vernon doesn't cut it.

And then there's the potential return of the beard.

Jermaine Dye
Again, this is a player who's accustomed to winning. He's been in the playoffs five of the past nine seasons, and although his character doesn't have the same reputation as Damon's does, you can bet that he's got a thing or two he can offer to the teams young hitters.

Then there's the power. If Hill and Lind can put up similar numbers to last year, and if Wells and Encarnacion can get it together, then an addition like Dye has the Jays able to play shoot out baseball with anybody...a luxury that would be very nice with such an inexperienced rotation.

Reed Johnson
We all know a lot about Johnson, so I'll keep it short. He doesn't bring the same winning pedigree with him that Damon or Dye bring, but this is a player who's simply inspiring to watch. If he can find his groove again at the plate he's a more than adequate leadoff hitter, which we still seem to need. His defence speaks for itself.

There are other free agent options that would be okay, but don't warrant as much of my attention. These are players who should be cheap, and fit the current AA theme of low risk signings with some big potential if things fall into place. Players like Rocco Baldelli, Marcus Thames, and Eric Byrnes could all make decent options, at least for training camp invitations, if it came down to it. None of these guys carry the same leadership potential of the three players mentioned above, but all have shown flashes of brilliance in the past. If any of these guys can get back to playing anywhere near their potential they can help whatever team they land with.

Obviously, it's unlikely that any of this is even possible, let alone under the consideration of the Blue Jays brass, but speculation is fun...and I'm bored.

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