Thursday, January 14, 2010

At least we don't wear camo jerseys?

The Blue Jays uniforms suck. Everything about them reeks of bush-league. The snappy Jays font on the home jerseys looks cheap. The boring font on the grey out of town jerseys looks like something I might have designed when I was ten. The black third jerseys, well, they're black...enough said. I love the powder blue jerseys on Flashback Fridays, but the powder blue pants look like something you'd see on a softball team. And, I haven't even mentioned the logo.

Back in '02 the Jays adopted this uniform and I thought that it would die faster than Jay Leno's career in prime time. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Not only have the Blue Jays kept on wearing that uniform, they've even added a secondary logo that's just a sissy looking letter T. I don't get it. The team looked good in the early nineties. Then, they looked okay in the late nineties and into the earliest parts of the last decade. Now they look bad, and boring. The uniforms barely even have blue in them any more. What's up with that?

I've heard rumours that Rogers wanted the team to show less ties to it's former ownership (Labatt's) and that they chose to remove the colour blue, and the word blue, from the uniform in order to distance themselves. I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is I think it's just about the worst reason ever. More than likely it was just a ploy to get fans to buy more merchandise and upgrade to the new logo and jersey. Either way, I hope they change back soon.

At least they're not wearing those awful grey hats any more.

Oh, and since I didn't bother mentioning it earlier, the angry looking blue jay on the logo...well, he's the worst looking logo in the major leagues. The only worse logos that I can think of belonged to the D-Backs and Rays, and they stopped wearing their uglies. It's time for Toronto to follow suit.


  1. Totally agree. They need better uniforms asap. I don't get the distancing from blue.. they're BLUE Jays. ugh.

  2. I asked Hayhurst (being a Padres alum) what the clubhouse thought of the camo uniforms:

    TheGarfoose - "Some guys hated em cause of a fashion statement. I liked em because it meant respect to the local armed forces. Cool tradition."

    He has a point there. If only OUR ugly uniforms actually meant something.