Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How much longer until the season starts?

I'm resisting the temptation to respond to the shot-across-the-bow post from fellow BJwaMG blogger J-Mac, because it's nearly impossible to change the opinions of the people I'm up against in this and it's not worth the frustration of banging my head against a wall.  My only contention is this: Overbay is not awful.  That's all I was arguing there.

On to more interesting notes:

  • MLBastian and Clarence rotation favourite Brian Tallet has been getting rocked in his recent starts.  Now, spring stats don't mean a whole lot, but I'm growing more in favour of Dana Eveland in the fifth spot and Tallet to the bullpen, especially if Carlson starts the season on the DL.  Cito still loves Tallet for his yeoman's work in the rotation, but isn't it a better reward to put Tallet where he has a history of success rather than the rotation where he, frankly, sucked?
  • FanGraphs' R.J. Anderson wrote a piece on the value of Jays reliever Shawn Camp, noting that he would likely come with a lesser price tag in a trade than Jason Frasor or Scott Downs.  It shows the depth and quality of the Jays bullpen that a player often considered the worst of the lot getting trade consideration.
  • David Purcey is turning into a reliever, while Ricky Romero is gaining success in the rotation.  Keith Law has been saying this all along.
  • Shaun Marcum is starting opening day.  Not much to comment on there, as he was the obvious candidate.
I notice that we have yet to comment on the Hechevarria.  All our hard-hitting team of analysts came back with was 'awesome!' and 'playoffs!!!!11!!,' so it was hardly worth posting that.  The fact that he's starting in Double-A is notable since starts within shooting distance of the bigs. It also gives the Jays a pretty steady stream of legitimate shortstop prospects from AA to low-A: Hechevarria, Jackson, Pastornicky, and Pierre.  Surely one of them will pan out, right?  And one of the others can man third.

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