Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blue Jays swing deal for Dana Eveland

by jw

MLB: A's vs Royals SEP 4Honestly, I just don't get it anymore.  I thought I had managed a halfways decent justification for the Kevin Gregg signing, even if I only half believed it myself.  Now it has come out that the Jays have traded the ubiquitous 'player-to-be-named-later or cash' for the recently DFA'd Dana Eveland.

Yup, Dana Eveland.  He keeps the ball on the ground decently.  His strikeout rate is pretty bad.  His walk rate is too high.  Oh, and he's a lefty.

There are two adages at play here.  One is that 'you can never have enough pitchers.'  The other is that 'if you have breath and throw with your left hand, some team somewhere will pay you to pitch.'  The latter is apparently true.  The former Anthopoulos seems hellbent to disprove.


  1. For what it's worth, I kinda like Dana Eveland. He's only got one full year of starting under his belt, and last year spent a lot of time on the DL. His stats in '08 when he pitched all year weren't bad, especially for a fourth or fifth starter - which is all he'd ever have a chance to be - and at times he pitched far above that level.

    Otherwise I just figure that AA wants to be sure that ever pitching spot on the roster has a hard fight. I'm completely okay with this after watching as the fifth spot was backed into and the second spot flopped last season...and then watching the Jays debut every pitcher under the sun as more and more of their youngsters get hurt. I have no idea yet whether or not the internal competition will help us win games, but I'm pretty interested to watch it play out.

  2. You can never go wrong with having a female contingent on the team "DANA"